Find out who are the five most highly rated facial rejuvenation doctors in Germany

    • In contrast to the well-known liftings, less invasive rejuvenation treatments are gaining ground.
    • publishes a list with the best rejuvenation doctors rated by patients from all over Germany.

October 2022. Natural results are booming in aesthetics and the Germans have joined this trend. After the last few years in which the pandemic has highlighted the importance of feeling good, the most sought-after trend in our country is to enhance beauty while respecting one’s physiognomy and preserving facial expression, without the need to go under the knife.


For this reason, aesthetic medicine is gaining ground over surgery. Less invasive treatments are gaining followers, as corroborated by data from the latest study published by the Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (VDÄPC): 15% increase in all aesthetic treatments, and one of the most requested treatments is facial rejuvenation.


Another example of this trend is the 31% increase in micro-ablative laser resurfacing for rejuvenation treatments, or the now famous botulinum toxin, which is increasing by 26%. These are data from the latest study carried out by the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), which describes the trends in this field worldwide, comparing the interventions and treatments carried out between 2016 and 2020. This report also reflects that there are two facial treatments that stand out as two major trends in aesthetic medicine. They are biocompatible dermal fillers, like hyaluronic acid, but much less known. They are calcium hydroxyapatite, which increases by 20.2% and, increasing by 52%, polylactic acid (PLLA). Both are aimed at improving the appearance of the face and avoiding the need to go under the knife., a marketplace with the best specialists in cosmetic surgery and medicine, manages data that support this trend: in the last year, almost 800,000 users have consulted the sections with information on a treatment or non-surgical technique to rejuvenate the face, compared to just over 60,000 who have consulted pages with information on facelifts or blepharoplasty, the most popular surgical procedures within facial rejuvenation.

The best doctors for rejuvenation


Germans seek facial harmony and healthy, glowing skin, and this involves personalized skincare routines, ageing prevention, the use of sunscreen, stress management and healthy habits, among other self-care practices. For this reason, has released the names of the five best doctors in Germany in terms of rejuvenation, the ones that are most highly rated by patients and with the best reputation in the country. The data is based on the analysis of around 2,700 doctors registered on the portal, which has more than 220,000 monthly users.

    • Dr. med. Leila Frohn, Bayern

    • Dr. med. Karsten Lange, Berlin

    • Dr. med. Marion Moers-Carpi, Bayern

    • Dr. med. Katharina Brüggemann, Berlin

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